Maximum Depth 33 Feet
Lake Size 44 Acres
Watershed Size 420 Acres
Lake Classification Deep
Metro Council Lake Grade (2020) F
Lake Augusta

Water Monitoring Data

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Lake Impairments

Excess Nutrients (Phosphorus)

Next Steps

The LMRWMO is initiating a study on the feasibility of a lake outlet to be installed on Lake Augusta to improve water quality. The study will also look at the watershed and potential projects which could be implemented to improve water quality for stormwater entering the lake. Additionally, other factors such as rough fish or large bird populations will be studied to determine their impact on the lake water quality.

Additional Information
The MN DNR LakeFinder has additional information on Lake Augusta.

Water Monitoring Reports

Projects Implemented

The LMRWMO partnered with the City of Mendota Heights to implement an alum treatment on Lake Augusta in 2017. Phosphorus levels were reduced but water quality issues remain in Lake Augusta. Lake levels appear to play a role as the normal lake level has risen 12+ feet in the last 15 years or so. There is no natural outlet for the lake.

Watershed Plans

2017 Lake Augusta alum treatment


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