Maximum Depth 17 Feet
Lake Size 4.7 Acres
Watershed Size 420 Acres
Lake Classification Shallow
Metro Council Lake Grade (2020) C
Seidls Lake

Water Monitoring Data

The LMRWMO partners with the Metropolitan Councils Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program

See recent water monitoring reports for more information.

Contact the LMRWMO Administrator for information on becoming a water quality monitor for a nearby lake or stream.

Lake Impairments

Water quality was drastically reduced in 2022 compared to sampling results from 2021. Due to construction in the near shore area, in-lake water quality may have been impacted as bottom sediment was disturbed or runoff entered the lake. Lake access issues also limited the number of samples collected, reducing the dataset and preventing a holistic picture of Seidl’s current water quality. See the Water Monitoring Reports for details.

Next Steps

The lake will continue to be monitored to track water quality.

Water Monitoring Reports

Projects Implemented

The LMRWMO partnered with the City of South St. Paul
to install large buried pipes in 2018 to clean and infiltrate
stormwater before entering the Lake.

A lake outlet project to maintain consistent water
levels was completed in 2022 and a natural shoreline
restoration project was planned for 2023.


2018 Stormwater Project


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