Maximum Depth 32 Feet
Lake Size 46.9 Acres
Watershed Size 235 Acres
Lake Classification Deep
Metro Council Lake Grade (2021) A

Water Monitoring Data

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Lake Impairments

A 2012 study conducted by the LMRWMO identified
internal phosphorus from the lake bottom as the
primary source of phosphorus in Sunfish Lake.

Next Steps

The lake will continue to be monitored to track water quality.

Water Monitoring Reports

Projects Implemented

In 2017, the LMRWMO implemented an in-lake
aluminum sulfate (alum) treatment to improve
water quality. Upon application, the alum binds with
phosphorus as aluminum phosphate and settles to the
lake bottom. A significant improvement in water quality
has been shown from this treatment, with the lake
removed from the impaired waters list in 2022.

2017 Alum Treatment Project


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